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I have been an Art Director in the film industry for over a decade and I am well versed in the needs of crew and client, locations and designers. 

I have a keen eye for the craft, with the variety of my own experiences in four departments, I have a heightened attention to detail and can manage a crew through excellent listening skills and empathy for each department’s position.  As an Art Director within any production, it is my responsibility to communicate directly between the Director, Producers, Production Designer, and the entirety of the rest of Production Departments, Crew & Community, Accountants, Construction leads, Casting, Set Decorators, Vendors, Transportation and Locations. The position must guarantee smooth operations between ALL departments. Diplomacy and kind communication being the key.


I am responsible for managing the Budgets for each department and communicating any red flags to the production management team.

I am also expected to create all the visual guides and technical packages explaining the plans that translate the vision of the Production Designer to the entirety of the rest of production, including executive producers and crew.


I work proficiently in Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Pages, Word and Acrobat.

I speak several languages including French, some Spanish, and I am learning Japanese.

Latest Art Director Production Experience


SEE - Steven Knight - Apple TV - 2019

As Art Director I was in charge of explaining and translating all  textural aspects of the film and the construction plans for textures to the Construction, Set and Properties departments


JUST ADD ROMANCE - Terry Ingram - Hallmark - 2018

As Art Director I was responsible for all graphic design and technical packages Building liaison and production meetings with Directors and Crew. 

ICE 2 - Robert Munic - Ronald Bass - Entertainment one - 2017

As Art Director I was the communicative liaison between Designer

and all other departments. Construction plan design and distribution

of weekly technical packages and location plans.


RAMONA & BEEZUS - Elizabeth A Rosenbaum - 2010

As Art Director it was my responsibility to communicate

between all departments  locations, Construction and Properties

VARIOUS Nickelodeon Films - Amy Sydorick - 2006 -2010

As Art Department Coordinator it was my responsibility to handle

all communication materials through the Art Department and Construction Department leads.


Prop Builder, Special Skills Costumer and Puppeteer  1997-present

See the Props page for a few examples.



Brand new Cherry Flavour  -  All props / edible props

Charmed  - Props

Avatar 2 - Masks and Collectibles

Nancy Drew - Artifacts and Insects / Edible insects

Haunting of Blythe Manor S2 - Dolls

The Terror - Masks

Timeless - Artifacts

Legends of Tomorrow Legends - Graphics

Twilight new dawn - Tattoo design 

Arrow - Artifacts / Weapons

Lemony Snickets - Various props

Midsummer Nightmare - Hero Masks

Pup Star  / Air Buddies - Non edible food props - statues

50 states of fright - Artifacts - Stuffies - Miniature Set Models

Bad angels - Masks - costume illustration

Doomsday - Artifacts

The Good Doctor - Medical Devices 

Gabby - Artifacts - non edible foods

The Quadrant - Artifacts

Trial & Error - Artifacts - Letters - Journal entries

The Wilding - Miniatures

Tiny Christmas - Miniatures - Doll versions of Actors - Animal stand ins

No Heroics - Costume features -illustration

Supernatural (full run)  - Artifacts - Journals - hero doll replicas

Antitrust - all rock work

Cats & Dogs - foam carving mass production of 10000 mice

Elf - foam carving - lego new york

Woody Woodpecker live action - Woody’s tree house home 

Coyote Creek Christmas - animal (dog) stand ins

Once Upon a time S1-2 - Puppets - products

Riverdale - Artifacts

A very Muppet Christmas - foam carved statues 

Muppets in Oz - foam carved statues

Stargate Atlantis  - foam carving - mold production

Final destination  - special effects gore / makeup 

Catwoman  - foam carving - cat mask original source

Twilight zone - Foam carving of 2 matching angel statues

Wolf lake - foam carving - cabin in the woods 

Men in trees - miniatures and animal stand ins

The Sixth day - foam carving of shopping mall statues

A wrinkle in time - special effects large scale organs

Snow queen - mannequin statues of frozen boys - ice -puppeteering 

Battlestar Galactica - foam carving of ships and interior gore 

Baby geniuses - foam carving statues - special effects muscle costume

i Spy - foam carving all sets 

Mr. St Nick - miniature castle - interior details

Alone in the dark - Artifacts - golden antiques 

Saint Sinner - humunculus in a jar - hell’s clock details

Black Christmas - rubber skates for weapon attack

Pathfinder - ship details - large foam carving of wooden artifacts

Antarctica - foam carving

Carrie - crucifix design and build

The Chris Isaak Show - mannequins for museum

Outer Limits - modelling and casting of parts

Watchmen - design of special costumes

White noise - body double puppet for broken body closing scene

Scooby Doo 2 - special effects costumer - all monsters

The Santa Clause - artifacts

Into the Light - Puppeteer and puppet build




ICBC Commercial - don’t drive drunk mannequins 

Earls Commercial  - miniatures

BC Hydro - Tree branches for trees with human looking arms





Ice 2 

Just add Romance

Ramona and Beezus 

Far Cry 

New Moon 

Suite life on deck 


A Fairly odd summer 

A Fairly odd xmas 

Underworld 4 

Splitting Adam 

Meet The Murphy's 

Harper's island 

If you have any questions about a particular listing or project, 

please call me at 604-897-1864 to discuss.   -iesza.

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